The Story


A pair of hapless losers attempt to force a confession from an accused murderer only to find their own inner demons unleashed.


Family man Eric Chandler jolts awake to find his wife and daughter being brutally murdered by a hooded figure. Eric attacks the man but he escapes. When the police arrive the lead detective, facing demons of his own, immediately sets his sights on Eric as the killer. But with no evidence or motivation linking Eric to the crime he is released.

The news media descends on Eric’s house. Instead of portraying Eric as a victim he comes off as the prime suspect. Public opinion swells against him. Causing him to hide in his house. Alone.

One man in particular is watching this all play out. Bucky Buckwalter, an unemployed construction worker, and a drunk. As his life continues its downward spiral the news coverage becomes Bucky’s obsession. All his perceived injustices are personified in this one man. This accused murderer. The one who got away with it. It’s too much for Bucky to bare. After one too many beers a revelation washes over him: he will become the hand of justice and reach where the police are unable to. He will get this man to confess. No matter what it takes.

Bucky has only one friend. Travis Mathis. A meek little man who still lives with his mother. Travis wants nothing to do with this plan but he’s hardly the type to deny Bucky. They’re best friends to the bitter end. And that might just be where they’re headed. Bucky bullies Travis into coming on his quest for justice.

It’s not long before they find themselves face-to-face with Eric.

But nothing ever goes as planned.

Before the day is over they’ll all learn more than they bargained for as the bloody truth comes spilling out.